Rotterdam Collective: Where’s everyone from?

The Rotterdam Collective has a highly cosmopolitan culture. Our workspace is home to various businesses from all over the world. So even though the Netherlands did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, we had plenty of teams to cheer for. Where exactly do our members come from? We dove into the numbers for 2018 and summarized our findings in a couple of charts.

Netherlands vs. the rest of the world

Are we more international than Dutch? As it turns out, this year more than 50% of our members* come from countries other than the Netherlands. This is pretty representative of other years too. Generally, we feel that the balance hovers around 50% Dutch and 50% international members.

Netherlands: 18; Rest of the world: 22

Global distribution

So where do all these members come from? Here’s a list of countries and their representatives** at RoCo. The only continent that’s not represented at the moment is Africa. OK, and Antarctica. We should get a penguin.

Netherlands 18; USA 4; Argentina 2; Australia 2; France 2; Italy 2; Belgium 1; China 1; Croatia 1; Finland 1; Germany 1; Hungary 1; Japan 1; Spain 1; Sweden 1; UK 1;


These numbers are only a snapshot of 2018 so far. The Rotterdam Collective is always evolving. New people come and go. New countries of origin are added to the list all the time. This is part of what makes the community a vibrant space.

Join the community

Are you looking to join a colourful, vibrant workplace and community in the centre of Rotterdam? Send a message of introduction to telling us who you are, what you do, and what kind of working space you need. We’ll get right back to let you know if we can accommodate you!

* We counted the number of people who occupied a space or desk in their name. Some people rent larger desks or spaces for additional employees. The employees were not added to the count.

** Country of origin isn’t always a question with a simple answer. To be able to create the visualization, some answers were simplified.

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