What’s for lunch at Rotterdam Collectief?


One of the best things about RoCo is the people who work there, and if there is one thing they know how to do, it’s whip up a tasty salad!* “So you just eat salad together?” I hear you ask! Oh no, it’s more than that. We cook, share recipes, try new flavours and do the dishes together!

And it’s not just salads. We make soups, pastas, rice dishes, curries and vegetables every which way. If it’s fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable and delicious, we’ve probably made it for lunch, and no doubt it was delicious!

So why have lunches together? Well, as the saying goes, “no freelancer** is an island”! Being a freelancer is great, it comes with many advantages such as getting to decide your hours, and choosing which projects you take, but it can get lonely sometimes. So what better way to get some human company into your day, and get ready for the afternoon of freelancer wisdom, than to whip up a storm in the kitchen and have a laugh with some awesome people.

In the RoCo kitchen there are some natural chefs, who can make a soup in five minutes with only a carrot and a lemon. Then there are those of us who have a handful of trusty dishes that we whip out when friends come over. There are also those who don’t know their way around an onion – but it doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome in the kitchen, and together we can all learn from each other.

From Clara’s simple French salads of carrot, orange, ginger and mint to Nick’s Greek sautéed zucchini in balsamic or Cecilia’s Hungarian mushroom stew, even a good old broodje kaas is welcome – whatever it is you like for lunch, you can enjoy it with friends!

Whoever said “you don’t win friends with salad” clearly never worked at RoCo.

This post was written by Stephanie Kuisma, who spent a splendid year at RoCo before moving back to her home town Melbourne, Australia.

* RoCo members know how to do lots of things design, web content, architecture, art, illustration, sustainability, programming and translation… Salad making just happens to be one of their extra specialties!  

** Okay, so the saying is actually “no man is an island”, but this is a blog post about salads so lettuce just say it’s “freelancer”.


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