stadhuisplein 15
3012 ar rotterdam
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Rotterdam Collective
09/09/'15: tech & design & art & sustainability


The Rotterdam Collective is a group of diverse, creative or sustainable businesses that shares an open-floor office space in the heart of Rotterdam. But we are more than just that: our space at Stadhuisplein is a place to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate with each other.

Currently, the Collective hosts about 20 companies, varying in size from 1 to 6 employees. Their professions cover a wide range from architecture, product, graphic and web design, to transition management, sustainable development, as well as cultural and business event organization. All members have their own, independent entrepreneurial functions, but its unique structure allows the Rotterdam Collective to participate in larger projects in synergetic teams.

The Collective commits to a shared number of values. We believe in sustainability, social responsibility, knowledge sharing, the use of open source technologies and the recognition of values beyond just profit.

Join us!

Are you looking for an inspiring, international workspace full of enthusiastic and professional people? The Rotterdam Collective in the city center of Rotterdam still has some space available.

Interested? Check this page out for more information!